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Cool Tricks, Hacking Oprating Systems »

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You are in front of your office PC having 20-30 windows open and everything messed up… You are called for an emergency… Urghh…What to do now?? Use Close All.
This tiny tool helps you to close all running applications with one click. It does not use system resources because it only flashes a “close” signal to all open windows on the desktop and then ceases. Just place a shortcut to the tool in the Start Menu, Quick Launch or elsewhere.

You can always add a hotkey to this shortcut. It is really …

Hacking Computer (Hardware) »

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There are many different ways to remove the BIOS password. You may have forgotten the password of your BIOS or you never knew it, whatever may be the case is. Sometimes it becomes necessary to access the BIOS to change system settings.
The simplest way to remove the BIOS password is to remove the CMOS battery for few seconds.A computer uses this battery to remember its settings and date & time when your computer is turned off. The CMOS battery is the reason why you always get the correct date and …